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    A bit of love for the Davies' Locker?

    I love the deco part of it but I dont like the functionality.
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    The Focus Relic (Mage Tali)

    Just having focus on your talisman adds to the mana recovery amount.
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    The Focus Relic (Mage Tali)

    I also dont like those horrible spellbooks...
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    Forced Name Change

    There was a problem with the name filter list. I have corrected it. Page in to have name corrected.
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    Booty Dungeon

    I said it that way because your guildmates should have explained the situation to you. That is what a guild is for.
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    Booty Dungeon

    I already had this discussion with several of your guildmates. You guys had so many people that none of you reached the minimum score for the drop eligibility. You had 20+ people and no one person even got close. I have lowered the required score for those bosses and that will go in when I next...
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    I have rearranged the characters of your name to something that isnt so confusing for me. I would like to thank for their fantastic service and I couldnt have done this without them. You have also been unbanned.
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    You had a character at running back and forth at Brit bank with the name "Go Play WoW". I assumed you were trolling us with wow advertisements.
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    Motm Loot Table

    I havent changed motm drops.
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    X-Mas Chest Drop Rate (seems terribly low?)

    Its based on hit points. The more that a mob has, the better a chance of a chest.
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    Poll: Slower bandages

    This was never changed on the live server.
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    Turkey Hunt

    Turkeys have begun appearing throughout felucca. When they die the corpse will contain a turkey carcass that you drag and drop onto the turkey butcher in front of West Britain bank. Each carcass is assigned a weight. When you turn it in, the turkey butcher will tell you "Now thats a contender!"...
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    The Potential of Militias

    I didn't announce it at all. I tried two new capture points and only one guild was capturing them. Someone asked if they could spend their silver so i moved the vendors out to where they could get to them. Its not a whole new game when i move two items and two vendors.....
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    Price of Regs

    I added a capture point for reduced priced regs today.
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    Defense Talisman Changes

    Here is my opinion on this thread: I made this talisman work against monsters and only monsters from the very beginning. It has never worked on players. I have resisted changing it and argued against it up until the very end. I will still make that argument whenever my opinion is asked. I...
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    night pets

    Because they are ugly.
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    Militias - What's in? What's out? What is it's status?

    I'll make a list of what is in: Militia gump added Joining militia Militia profiles created and saved Leaving militia with a delay Young characters prevented from joining Minimum skill requirements added Bounty points tracked Bounty points awarded on kills and point captures Bounty erased when...
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    Newbie pouch?

    Its not that its really a risk for exploiting, its that i think someone would screw up and lose 85 bazillion gold worth of blessed junk and they would cry to me. Its not worth it.
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    Forensic Identification revamp idea

    Love this idea, needs more detail.
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    Meta type pet for non tamers?

    I would like to make a crafter meta pet but I have no good ideas for what the point of it would be. I will not add ore smelting to a pet.