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    Bug with Composit bow +20 tactics

    hello, I believe there is a bug in the bow, as it is showing that it increases tactics +20, but it is increasing archery +20.
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    incomplete Knowledge calls PK

    The windows that show incomplete Knowledge is a call PK players, they leave it open and when they see that the number of dead monsters is rising, they come to kill us. It's okay for them to come and kill, but the problem is that the server gives gaps to make it easier for them to see where to...
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    Trade(Sales) with NPC

    if we make 10 items, the gain should be at least 3 or 4 items, in the next purchase we would be able to buy raw material to make 13 or 14 items
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    Trade(Sales) with NPC

    ANOTHER HAHAHAHA my mistake
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    Trade(Sales) with NPC

    sorry by mistake... It makes no sense for the RAW MATERIAL to be more expensive than the sale of the product. :rolleyes: GOOGLE TRANSLATE HAHAHAHA
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    Trade(Sales) with NPC

    Trade with vendors is extremely bad, which forces us to kill monsters, but if a player doesn't like pvp or pvm it's impossible to make money. For example: Making a gate travel scroll: 21gp to craft (without failing) and selling a gate travel scroll is 14gp. It makes no sense for the masterpiece...
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    Dungeon Mining

    As mining in the dungeon is possible, it could drop not only elementals, but balrong a kind of dragon, well everyone knows the Lord of the Rings hahahaha. This balrong could only drop more difficult ores.
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    Mining Elementals

    We almost don't see people mining, because it's really bad.
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    Mining Elementals

    Mining in the game is very bad. elemental drop is very complicated, I have to keep 2 characters, 1 to mine and another to kill. could stop the elemental drop, more people would mine. I know you're going to tell me to create a character with mining and combat, but that's a mistake, because a...