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  1. BrotherKev

    War of the Giants

    Bam! Bam!
  2. BrotherKev

    Raffle - Private Buccaneers Island + Custom 30x30

    That's so much nicer than the litterbox that I have. :p
  3. BrotherKev

    Donation Vendor Update 43: Summer 2023

    Is this the first release of a spell-channeling staff? What other spell-channeling items are available?
  4. BrotherKev

    High Times Event!

    Puff, puff, pass. Mo,.,.,.,! :cool: Unholy shit! I can't afford that!
  5. BrotherKev

    Patch Notes Necromancer Talisman & More

    Have you tried 'peeing' on them? :p
  6. BrotherKev

    12 Days of Deathmas Invasions

    Get some! :D
  7. BrotherKev

    Thinking of returning UO, how’s the sever?

    Do itttttt! Muhuhahahaaaaa!
  8. BrotherKev

    Mouseover and descriptions

    Der, upgrade.
  9. BrotherKev

    Mouseover and descriptions

    It would appear that runebooks display the description in a bright yellow text while most other items just show weight, item counts, hue. Why is the top line blank?
  10. BrotherKev

    Mouseover and descriptions

    I must have changed a setting on either UOF or Razor that changed the way items are displayed on mouseover, but I'm not finding it. And, by clicking on 'Look At' got old quickly. How do I get the descriptions back in a visible color?
  11. BrotherKev

    Bard time calculation?

    How is the time for each effect calculated? Wiki needs 'Fire Horn' info. Does Razor have spell timers? ie.-explo pot countdowns
  12. BrotherKev

    No longer able to stack scrolls

    MmHmmm... gives me a chance to get rid of a buncha my other crap. :confused:
  13. BrotherKev

    WTS SELLING Quench, Taming SS, Swampy

    Do you have a vendor?
  14. BrotherKev

    Howdy gang

    Welcome! Come on in and join in the fun. Have you ever played UO before?
  15. BrotherKev


    Thanks for all the tinkering SS's
  16. BrotherKev

    Slayer spellbook PC

    Thank you Sir.
  17. BrotherKev

    Slayer spellbook PC

    I'm putting slayer spellbooks on a vendor, what are average prices by charge?
  18. BrotherKev

    Where are the bone chests found?

    I'm trying to find bone chests to replace paragon chests in my house. Where can these be found?
  19. BrotherKev

    WTB -

    There was a 120 Inscribe on the vendor behind Ocllo bank for 1.2M, too rich for my blood.
  20. BrotherKev

    WTB 120 Inscribe for 700k