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  1. Dulcinea

    Donation Vendor Update 40: Fall 2022

    May we get the Fallon gloves on, please?
  2. Dulcinea

    WTS 30x30 House Drop Event Plot

    Since this is a big purchase, complete transparency should be shown, no?
  3. Dulcinea

    WTS Brittanian Ship

    Amazing what is allowed when the forums are dead. lol
  4. Dulcinea

    WTS Black Book of Spells just for reference, assuming yours is the same.
  5. Dulcinea

    WTT 30x30 maybe...?

    He hasn't confirmed selling, unless things have changed?
  6. Dulcinea

    Detailed Dungeon Runebook Library

    Hello all, I am considering parting with my rune library because it just sits in my bank box, but I am uncertain of its worth. Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you. etc. Yellow books are champ spawns: Light Blue are all banks:
  7. Dulcinea

    WTS max meta Steed/Miniature Drag Combo[SOLD]

    For how much, if I may ask?
  8. Dulcinea

    Layering toggling on/off.

    That is what it seems like, which is why I was wondering why the function was taken away. I don't know how the function worked. :( Just know that I have seen comments about how items can be toggled on and off, but I just layered a bunch of items and they can't be.
  9. Dulcinea

    WTS Avian Steed (SB lowered)

    Not trying to derail the thread, but wouldn't a bonding deed work that is purchased from dono vendor? Also, @Furync, we can try bonding process and see what it says. It is illegal to steal pets, nor would I, if you want, let me know. Just trying to help you sell this guy. haha
  10. Dulcinea

    Layering toggling on/off.

    Just curious to why the toggling on and off feature was removed unless the item was layered prior to a specific time. Anyone? I think it would be really wicked to have the option on everything layered.
  11. Dulcinea

    WTS Avian Steed (SB lowered)

    I have a tamer with 106 taming and 110 lore, if you want to test it out, let me know.
  12. Dulcinea

    Pet stacking...

    What about melee characters? They have to take an extra step and chug refresh potions, so a clumsy is nothing more than refresh potions for pets. ;)
  13. Dulcinea

    WTB Purchased.