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    MiB's sold in bags of 50 at this location:
  2. JDXM

    Mista's ModPacks V 2.1!

    Good job getting this updated...nice to see some updates as well and credit where it's due. Is Mista still around at all? I know he put a lot of time in shrinking the drag anims which is great...was he able to do the level 8's?
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  4. JDXM

    Hi guys I'm Tony!

    Keep up the excellent work and hopefully you're having some fun! :cool:
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    The Last Huzzah (MILLIONS in Giveaways)

    Such a well written post, and a real shame to see the Knight's hanging up their capes and lances. I'm sure the spirit of such a group of fine and honourable fellows will remain with us! :)
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    WTS dank suits

    1m on the pink quiver!
  7. JDXM

    An g rune

    Used with crystal workbench for crafting slayer armour. some are worth a little more (eg a's were 5-10k) but now with the transmutation cube addition most runes are only worth 1k/ either way, not much value at all.
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    WTS Selling A Few Rares

    SB: both blaze nets
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    WTS 120 Animal Taming - SOLD

    nice guildmate! :cool:
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    WTS 120 Animal Taming - SOLD

  11. JDXM

    Vendors need a fee reduction - will help the shard

    I don't see any crying here, just a discussion with some varied opinions...keeping the server populated and healthy is the goal of most people making suggestions. I'm pretty sure a large percentage of players who run a vendor would not expect to sell any sizeable portion of their goods in a...
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    Vendors need a fee reduction - will help the shard is not good from the gold sink perspective, but a flat daily NPC fee and a tax on sales seems much better for increasing vendor usage.
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    Transferring Steam/Sallos Profile Settings to another computer

    Steam is pretty easy, there's a folder called "profiles" in the UOS application folder...just copy this across to the new PC. I don't use Sallos, but assume it's something similar.
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    WTS Misc. For Sale

    #4 170k
  15. JDXM

    WTS Misc. For Sale

    Bag 4 #sb
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    Vendors need a fee reduction - will help the shard

    Anything that makes player trading easier is a better thing for the server surely, I agree with OP that daily vendor rate is a deterrent to in-game player trade especially for more casual players. Gold drains are an important part of a healthy shard...but I like the idea of taxing sales on...
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    WTS Mondain's Steed statue

    congrats matey, disco msg sent!
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    Complete newbie to UO

    welcome to UO and UOF, hope ya have lots of fun here! :)
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    WTS Mondain's Steed statue

    shameless bumpage!
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    WTS Neon Gift Box!

    congrats G, msg'd on disco!