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  1. Phrygian

    Donation Vendor Update 43: Summer 2023

    There are many other spell channeling staffs on the dono vendors.
  2. Phrygian

    Thanksgiving 2022

    They are aesthetic relics (that sell for a lot of gold).
  3. Phrygian

    Thinking of returning UO, how’s the sever?

    There have been many updates in that time. A large expansion started in January of this year. A list of the changes can be found here
  4. Phrygian

    Diversifying Mage PvP

    There is stat loss on this server.
  5. Phrygian

    2022 Halloween Deco Contest

    It is no secret that a new dark power has recently been seen across our land, that of the Necromancer. It's power so apparent, bringing back from the dead those who they have slain, to fight alongside them and conquer all in their path. A new champion of dark power and magic is now here with us...
  6. Phrygian

    What is needed to place a house?

    You simply need to have 1200 skill points across the account. This can be done by just buying up random skills on your 3 free characters, or actually leveling a char up to 7x GM and starting a second, etc. Just need 1200 skills across the account.
  7. Phrygian

    Question about Donation

    Typically 24-48 hours.
  8. Phrygian

    barding for horses

    In the mean time, it's possible to change the in game graphic for yourself. Many of the mod packs, which you can find links to here, change the swampy graphic for you.
  9. Phrygian

    Nice to be back

    Welcome! If you're on a new account and [young], don't hesitate to use [C to chat with Companion players in game and get some assistance.
  10. Phrygian

    Metas Gone Wild

    There is no "maintaining" of relics on fully leveled pets. Once they're leveled, they're leveled.
  11. Phrygian

    Meta Mage Musings

    Good start to a good couple of ideas. Meta Mage could certainly use a few quality of life improvements and some love overall. It's my most played character, far beyond anything else, because I love just playing a pure mage. It has fallen behind in champs and RDAs, as well as farming, due to the...
  12. Phrygian

    Another Noob question

    They are used to make Slayer Armor.
  13. Phrygian

    Mining problems

    Can you post some screen shots of your skill showing 700 real, and the 105 mining PS etc? Just to confirm everything.
  14. Phrygian

    Mining problems

    Make sure mining is pointing UP. You also don't need to be "under" 700 skill points, it raises your cap (up to a max of 720). Also, click Show Real, and confirm that you're at 100 real.
  15. Phrygian

    Mouseover and descriptions

  16. Phrygian

    Stupid question. What is UO overdrive?

    UO Overdrive is a Sphere style UO server. This differs greatly from "traditional" Ultima Online. For example, you can move and cast at the same time. It's a subset of UO play that developed some time ago, and they brought it into a UO Forever environment.
  17. Phrygian

    elite fletching

    Discord is the main communication medium.