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    What are good monsters and areas for a warrior to hunt?

    My build is GM Mace, Tactics, Anatomy, Parry, Healing, Resist spells, and currently undecided on 7th GM, probably hiding. I just got my Phylactery of Resilience Talisman. I am currently saving for a quench or remedy relic. I would like to be able to hunt something that drops decent loot as well...
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    Does anyone know Tameiz?

    Does anyone know the player Tameiz? I can't find his name in the search here on the forums or on Discord. I'd like to buy his house. If any of you know him can you kindly ask him to message me here or Garlbane on discord please :)
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    Hi, looking for active guild

    I'm 36, I like being around nice people, I have been playing UO off and on since the beginning, I can play 10-20 hours a week depending on wife agro. I am mostly interested in PVM and getting rich. I've never been good at UO pvp. If an active guild is looking for new people please hit me up...