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  1. Sarzois2

    WTS 120 Fletching/Bowcraft Powerscroll

    Sorry I did not post when the auction ended. Nevada won the auction! Her bid lasted for 24h and got the PS. Congratualations Nevada
  2. Sarzois2

    WTS 120 Fletching/Bowcraft Powerscroll

    The timer of the auction has restarted due to the re-bid. Same rule as before ''This auction will end 24h after the final bid.'' Happy bidding :)
  3. Sarzois2

    WTS 120 Fletching/Bowcraft Powerscroll

    Well well well The last bid was removed! Chadzilla with 10.4 has the highest bid. The auction will run for a few more hours.
  4. Sarzois2

    WTS 120 Fletching/Bowcraft Powerscroll

    WTS 120 Fletching/Bowcraft Powerscroll Bidding starts at 3m. Minimum 200k increments. This auction will end 24h after the final bid. There is only one other person who is a legendary Bow crafter! Become the second one and help him out to meet all the market demand! Perfect for those...
  5. Sarzois2

    Pc on Magic Mushroom "big"

    Very difficult to say.. I would pay around 80k
  6. Sarzois2

    WTS WTS Lich Painting!!!

    They should release a few of these again. Great design!
  7. Sarzois2

    Need suggestions on how to start

    Provo Archers are great as a first char as well as a tamer. However, if you are considering a tamer which is a very expensive char to run after a certain point. You might consider creating a Berserker which can be expensive if you account all the relics (abilities) but the beginning of a Zerk...
  8. Sarzois2

    Rainy Daze

    Welcome to UOF I hope you have a great time here.
  9. Sarzois2

    Have been a while

    Hello everyone, I have been playing here for almost a year only using discord and reading the forums but now it's time to start to actually participate in some of these discussions! See you around!
  10. Sarzois2

    Discord: Macolino#0532

    Discord: Macolino#0532