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  1. JohnOBarr

    Meta Talisman Mage - What's your Favorite Template?

    Magery Eval Med Spirit Speak Hiding Stealth Fishing-120
  2. JohnOBarr

    Please fix Begging!!!

    I know begging is a total waste for making gold, but it is an integral and fun part of the role playing characters of UO. A thief and a beggar is what I came back to UO to be. Would love to see it incorporated into the game. It is a skill after all, and some players such as myself enjoy using...
  3. JohnOBarr

    I played UO origin back in the days of siege perilous. So glad I recently found UO forever.

    I have been here almost 40 Days and really like it a lot. Great job on putting this server together. UO is the best game I have ever played and you all nailed it!!!