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    Thanksgiving 2022

    For new players what are the Turkey relics?
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    WTB Animal taming 115

    Still looking
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    WTB Quicksilver relic

    Still looking
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    WTB Quicksilver relic

    Looking to buy one
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    WTB Animal taming 115

    Looking for power scroll animal taming 115.
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    WTS 18x17 Max Storage + 14x9 Storage Shed Or Garden!!

    Is this still for sell?
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    Char question

    Coming back after a long break all my chars are pretty good but I have one char that I don’t understand what I was doing with, here are his skills: Hiding 100, I understand this Inscription 67.8 my recall maker Margery 42.6 for recall scrolls Mining 113 miner Tailoring 82.6 bods Tinkering 67.4...