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  1. Zigra

    Pickaxe question?

    Are there Exceptional ones or Orcish ones that last longer? There are Gargoyle pickaxes that last longer, upgrade what you can mine and will spawn an ore elemental to fight (that always scares the crap out of me when it happens). you can get them thru BoD rewards
  2. Zigra

    unaccept crafter quest

    I don't think it is possible to "give up" But I'm not too sure have you tried the WIKI?
  3. Zigra

    Mining and Inscription Crafter Talisman Ideas

    First of all let me say that I'm loving the Crafter talisman so far. I would like to offer my ideas on what the Mining and Inscription wings of the talisman should be like. Mining Crafter. You will need to maker a gem that is only farmed by mining (lets call them geodes) Once you have gained...
  4. Zigra

    Some Ideas

    While I enjoy the game I fined the player Vs player not to my taste so there are areas where I hang out and farm. I feel this part of the game is neglected and would like to see some changes made, not to the rules but to make other areas on the map better for players like myself. For instance I...
  5. Zigra

    New Large Monster

    This is my idea to take a Gorilla and enlarge it to the size of a Titan. Have it do no magic and only engage in fighting with its fists, make it tamable by females only, and call it a Kong. Make it cost only 2 slots for the tamer because it has no magic but a good fighter up close. Just a...
  6. Zigra

    A Few More Ideas

    Forgot to say that all balls would be Dono coins and the Spell would just be an addition for everyone.
  7. Zigra

    A Few More Ideas

    Monster Infuser Ball: Each Ball would be named after a monster and when placed on the ground the ball would merge with the ground and that place would then spawn whatever monster the ball was named after. For instance, if it was an Ettin Infuser Ball then that place would for the next 30 days...
  8. Zigra

    Some Ideas

    I have looked and can’t find where someone has suggested this but how about 1. Mana Potion: drink it and it gives you your Mana back. This has the potential to be very powerful, but if you have the making of it include things like diamonds and other expensive items, that might make it more...
  9. Zigra


    Not very new, but still I would like to thank a lot of people that have helped me out, mostly the people in Trinsic. But even on occasion a few of the PKers that have killed me have really helped me out (like 2). But having a lot of fun for no money is great. Bruce