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  1. Longtooths

    WTS Rarest and most elitist items throughout 2014.

    Still have the spellbook?
  2. Longtooths

    How to rotate your vendor

    I get asked this so much I thought I would make a guide I could point people to. How to Rotate your Vendor 1. Stand on the ground below your vendor(s) 2. Double click your vendor you wish to turn and in the corresponding menu, choose, "See Goods" 3. Your vendor will pop down to where you...
  3. Longtooths

    WTS Auction Grail of Honor (Hue 1917)

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there was one on the market on 3/2/2021 and it sold for 310,000 gold ... To help with your sale, I listed all of the times a Grail of Honor has sold at auction.
  4. Longtooths

    bent fishing poles

    If you can make a fishing pole (68.4 Carp / 40 Tailoring) and you are in the Britain Crafting Area, you have a percentage chance to make them.
  5. Longtooths

    WTS Winter Night Frost Beetle

  6. Longtooths

    WTT Want to buy this house

    I'm looking for this person to make an offer on his house..anyone knows of him?
  7. Longtooths

    Fishing up MIB question.

    A second character with a draggo here with provo as well.
  8. Longtooths

    Aspiring Treasure Hunter Here..

    Hello and welcome to treasure hunting. Here is my current treasure hunter provoker build: 70 Cartography 30 Evaluating Intelligence 100 Hiding 100 Lockpicking 100 Magery 100 Meditation 100 Musicianship 100 Provocation As far as seeing maps better in-game, there is not a better way. I generally...
  9. Longtooths

    Another old timer from OSI UO

    I come from OSI ATL server and am known as Longtooths there. I made several accounts here at UOF over the years but I quit all of them because of time. I've been lurking for a while and finally dove in with both feet. Went to help a person on the forums with my first post and discovered I had to...