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    blazing stone

    what is the blazing stone and how do I use it
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    Mining problems

    Stone Hands_Unknown_6-4_19.15.jpg (file://DESKTOP-JQ2QAJ6/Users/Mike/Desktop/ScreenShots/Stone%20Hands_Unknown_6-4_19.15.jpg)
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    Mining problems

    I took screen shots but I don't know how to post them here to you
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    Mining problems

    did all that but scroll still says I am not at the level where I can use the scroll
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    Mining problems

    bought a 105 mining power scroll. Am at 100 mining and I have enough skill points under 700 but it won't work. Keeps saying I don' have the required level to use the scroll
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    bod books

    how do I use bod books to load my bods into them
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    WTB blacksmith power scrolls 105 to115

    105,110,115 power scrolls for blacksmith