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  1. roxju6

    WTB the following statues

    Snow Ele Balron Gazer Evil Mage Ettin Terathan Warrior message me on disco - Stevenson#8266
  2. roxju6

    WTB Dispersion Relic

    Want to buy dispersion relic, pm me here or at Stevenson#8266
  3. roxju6

    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    Make any reasonable offers here or to Stevenson#8266 for any individual items or sets of items Please do not ask me how much for any items, make an offer! ALREADY SOLD: holly jolly torch white sash all Pink Easter chests Rose in a vase Ethereal Dyeing Deeds 2x santa's cape sold ( 1 left) 1x...
  4. roxju6

    WTS 16 x 11 No blockage or spawn 1552 storage!

    Near water and trees for all you fishermen and Lumberjacks! 300k or best offer - looking to sell quick!
  5. roxju6

    WTS Sold

    WTS Shadowy Relic 8.1mil OBO Make offers here or on disco
  6. roxju6

    Bought already

    Pm or discord me
  7. roxju6

    WTB Level 7 Meta Dragon w/ level 10 relics

    WTB Level 7 Meta Dragon with Level 10 QS, BT, Molten, Nox, and at least 2 rollovers. Message me on discord or pm here.
  8. roxju6

    WTS 120 Animal Lore Power Scroll

    2.3mil current bid 3mil Buyout 100k increments Auction ends 24 hours after last bid
  9. roxju6

    WTS Level 7 Meta Dragon (Ghost Hue)

    Just got first rollover, 910/806/104/559 if you want to apply. Level 10 QS Level 10 Molten Level 8 Nox(leveled since post) Ghost Hue : 971 14mil OBO Stevenson#8266 Price Reduced!
  10. roxju6

    WTS Character Statue Maker

    S/B 1.5mil 100k increments B/O 2.5mil Auctions ends 12 hours after last bid
  11. roxju6

    WTB Bought

    Discord Stevenson#8266
  12. roxju6

    WTS Sold

    S/b 1mil Buyout 2mil 100k increments Auction ends 24 hours after last bid Relisting this as the previous winner with 2mil bid did not pay.
  13. roxju6

    WTS Christmas Green Dragon Statuette

    s/b 1mil b/o 2.5mil 100k increments Bidding ends 24 hours after last bid.
  14. roxju6

    WTS Fallon Demon Statue Set

    Offer in PM or on discord please
  15. roxju6

    Just installed, launcher stopped working

    Hello I just installed the launcher and every single time I try to open it, windows pops up a message that it has stopped working. Any ideas?
  16. roxju6

    WTB bulk arrows/bolts

    PM me or discord Stevenson#8266
  17. roxju6

    WTS Green untrained hue 2006 Dragon Green hue 2006 dragon for sale, Discord Stevenson#8266
  18. roxju6

    WTS Death Beetle 930hp, 517/149/485

    buyout 750k pic-
  19. roxju6

    WTB Bought

    Tired of farming with a regular dragon and white wyrm. Let me know what you got.
  20. roxju6

    WTB arrows and bolts

    im with price here or in IRC