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  1. Metec

    Patching using Razor

    I use the Razor Client with UOForever. It works great. Except I don't think I am getting all the patches and so on. Any suggestions that do not involve not using Razor?
  2. Metec

    New Skill Suggestion

    I don't know how difficult this would be but could a new skill called Assassination be created. Possible effects would be additional damage when attacking from a hidden status.
  3. Metec

    Scroll stacking

    Recently I have encountered issues getting scrolls of the same type to stack together. Is there a patch on the way to fix this?
  4. Metec

    Slayer Spellbooks

    Thank you Master Parsnip!! that is very helpful!
  5. Metec

    Slayer Spellbooks

    I have managed to acquire several Slayer-type Spellbooks but I am unsure as to how they work. Does the "Slayer Effect" get added onto the Spell's damage when you cast spells from them?
  6. Metec

    Ship Add On/Upgrade Prices

    What are the standard prices for the various Ship Upgrades? Thank you
  7. Metec

    What is the best process to ensure that I am up to date on the UOForever Patches

    What is the best process to ensure that I am up to date on the UOForever Patches
  8. Metec

    Treasure Hunting and Mining

    As I understand it. the Mining skill can be useful when trying to locate buried treasure off of maps. Does anyone have any specific data on how high the ming skill should be or what the exact effect it has on Treasure hunting. Thank you
  9. Metec

    Everyone Loves Large Chests

    Logistics and encumbrance are large factors in UO. Therefore it makes sense that one take a good look at the containers one is using when they travel. Here is the list as far as I can tell: Tiny Pouch: 1 stone Small Pouch: 2 Stones Backpack: 3 stones Small Wooden Box: 4 Sones Small Crate: 2...
  10. Metec


    What is the easiest process for training Poisoning?
  11. Metec

    The Mage

    Hello all: I have been working on a magic-user character and GMed Magic (obviously), Inscription, and Alchemy. Is this the standard build for a mage or is there something else that I should be adding? PS I also have a very high Meditation and Eval Int score
  12. Metec

    Scribes and Skill scrolls

    Is there a way that Scribes could be given the ability to create Skill Scrolls? Maybe have it set up that the only skill scrolls that one could create would be those that one has a 100 in. In addition, the Scribe would have to be at 100 and there would be a pretty low chance of success and so on...
  13. Metec

    PKers in town... Really?

    Well they did it to me
  14. Metec

    PKers in town... Really?

    Nope I was just standing in town when they started attacking me. They didn't succeed in killing me but they are nothing but an annoyance. I know I won't be paying anything on Patreon or other sources while this continues.
  15. Metec

    PKers in town... Really?

    I always believed that pkers in addition to being a general detriment to the game, were not allowed into Towns. The cities were supposed to be Safe Zones. Evidently this is not the case. I have seen pkers attack others in town and nothing happened to them. As a Suggestion why not ban them from...
  16. Metec

    Davy Jones Locker

    I would like to purchase a Davy Jones Locker.
  17. Metec

    Conversion Rate for Donation Coins

    Hello again... I need to know what the conversion/buy rate is for donation coins and who can do such things. I am looking to buy a Davy Jones Locker and a few other things and it seems that standard gold won't do it. Any suggestions appreciated
  18. Metec

    Need help with Treasure Maps and treasure hunting

    i think having a high mining skill helps
  19. Metec

    treasure hunting

    I am having difficulty as a treasure hunter it seems. I have a level 1 treasure map, and pretty good mining ability. However when I try to search for the treasure the system fails to work. First, you have that rule about using a shovel while mounted (that needs to go). Then when I got to the...
  20. Metec

    Heating Stand

    Other than to cook fish and stuff does a heating stand have any real use? Does it help with Alchemy skill?