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    WTS deleted

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    Zombieland 2021

    LOOP both macros. Attach to individual key binds. Regular Zomebieland Targeting macro: @setalias 'self1' 'self' @getenemy 'enemy' 'criminal' 'gray' 'closest' pause 750 if @inrange 'enemy' '1' attack 'enemy' setalias 'vendor' 'enemy' while @inrange 'vendor' 1 pause 850...
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    WTS Emerald Orcish Visage

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    WTS Glass Wings - 8 Year Anniversary - Hue Polar 1665

    WTS 8th Anniversary Glass Wings rare boss drop. Hue Polar 1665 S/B 2M B/I 100K
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    WTS Ravager Statue

    WTS a ravager statuette (Hue 0) s/b 700k b/i 50k
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    WTS Spring Herbal Beard Dye (Hue 2547)

    Taking offers on Spring Herbal Beard Dye Hue 2547 *** This was not a drop *** Confirmed by Fay is it a beard dye
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    WTS Shadow Iron Pedestal

    Rare drop - Shadow iron pedestal Hue 1109 S/B 200k B/I 100K Ends 48 hours after last bid.
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    PC sold

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    WTS Halloween Purple Titan Statue Hue 1378 - Newer Artstyle

    a titan statuette Hue 1378 (Halloween purple) Newer Titan Statue artstyle SB 500k BI 25k Ends 24 hours after last bid. Cheers!
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    Circlet - BOUGHT

    Looking to buy a circlet! 6th Anniversary or other.
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    Archery Target & Hide Macro

    This macro I used to gain the Archery Skill with hiding skill. It grabs the nearest grey enemy and if that enemy walks too far away or is dead you use your hiding skill. getenemy 'gray' 'criminal' 'closest' while @findobject 'enemy' warmode 'on' if @inrange 'enemy' 10 and not dead 'enemy'...
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    0-GM Healing Guide

    Begin by always buying up your skill as high as possible.The Brit Healer is the building west, right next to the Brit Inn where you begin (as a new player). Training your healing typically will cost between 400-500gp depending. Once you have bought up your skill as high as possible from the...
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    WTS 4 yards Ratman cloth Hue 1932 - SOLD

    WTS Selling 4 yards of Ratman / Vermin Filth Cloth Hue is 1932 (Black / Dark Grey with a glow) 500k per yard OBO Disco: Bo#2219
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    Heyyy, My apologies I suppose this is overdue... Started about 2 months ago!