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  1. Phrygian

    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    Hey all. Wanted to do an updated list of a previous popular thread, showing off some of the best designed homes on UOF. This is all obviously just *my* personal opinion. If you feel like your house should be on here, add it to a post! I walked the entirety of the UOF map, taking pictures of...
  2. Phrygian

    WTS WTS Body Barrel

    WTS Rare Body Barrel 2M
  3. Phrygian

    WTS Double Strike

    WTS Double Strike, first 12m takes it.
  4. Phrygian

    WTB Sunbleached Cloth

    Need two more. Phry#7821 on discord.
  5. Phrygian

    WTS 18x18 East of Compassion on Road

    Great Location 18x18, right along the road East of Compassion, between the 2 guard towers. 3.5M OBO takes it.
  6. Phrygian

    WTS 11x7 Mining House or Starter Home

    Good little Mining house or Starter home Available. 11x7, next to tons of Valorite and Verite nodes. No spawn, no blockage. 300k
  7. Phrygian

    WTS 8x13 North Brit Mining/LJ

    WTS A great location 8x13, just a few screens north of Brit. Perfect for resource gathering. 400k
  8. Phrygian

    WTS 7x9 on Booty Island for sale

    Throw me an offer, right on the water.
  9. Phrygian

    WTS Armored/Blessed Mage Council Faction Shroud

    1mil S/B 1.5mil B/O 24 Hours after last bid.
  10. Phrygian

    WTS Remedy Relic 3M OBO

    Freshly dropped Remedy relic available. 3m OBO.
  11. Phrygian

    WTS Small Mining House 200k {SOLD}

    Great Mining Spot, outside of Wind, just below the Chaos Shrine. Great ore just outside your doorstep. 200k OBO.
  12. Phrygian

    WTB Small Mining House

    WTB Small Mining house, on a mountain obviously.
  13. Phrygian

    WTS Great 10x14 No Neighbors No Spawn Near Water - Sold

    North of Trinsic, great 10x14 with no other houses on screen. Close to the water, no spawn, but a close run to the swamp and a lich spawn in you want some quick adventure. 350k S/B 500k Buyout
  14. Phrygian

    WTS Dragon Slaying/Durable/Vanq/Accurate Spear

    S/B at 100k 24 Hours from last bid
  15. Phrygian

    Crashing and Screen Flashing

    Hello, I have 2 issues currently. One, is my screen constantly flashing white, as if some pop-up or app is trying to open while I'm playing. Only happens while playing the game, obviously. Also happens on both of my computers (PC and Laptop). Second issue, is crashing whenever I tab. If I go...
  16. Phrygian

    Returning after 17 Years

    Originally played on the Pacific shard, back in the late 90s until 2002 or so. Was an active PvPer in the guild Dragon Family (DF), spent a lot of time dueling for gold back in the day. Looking forward to having some fun playing again. Already made a donation to the server for the awesome free...