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  1. crazy-horse

    Metas Gone Wild

    Those who know me ingame probably understand my love/hate thing with meta tamers so I wont go into that right now. But, sometimes when I'm trying to just play and make a little XP it kinda reminds me of way back in school watching the big kids bullying the third graders the way the fully...
  2. crazy-horse

    Flayer Skinning Knife

    Dont have a picture, but looks like a skinning knife with that dark red bloodish color that is almost impossible to see in your backpack. Only use I could find for it it skipping a step in skinning hides. Not really sure about selling, just wondering if its even worth anything since after all...
  3. crazy-horse

    Enery *FIED* scroll????

    Wirh a heavy sigh I put forth that I found and ended the life of a Titan who was carrying an invasive Energy Fied scroll. I fear this scroll type was probably brought into this shard by Someone who was either brilliant, or..... not so much. Anyway, please check your bags to make sure this...
  4. crazy-horse

    Cant place a soulforge issue

    My day has been going great, until now. I've finally (with much help from a few friendly tamers) gathered together all the stuff to make the soulforge I have wanted to build sinnce it became an actual thing here. Yes I did seperate all the dragon bone shards into single shards, thank you. Got...
  5. crazy-horse

    Need an option to reset password

    My old Windows7 computer that i have used to faithfully log into UOF since the early days finally Bluescreened Forever. I managed to get the new client installed on Windows freakin 11 despite its best efforts to prevent me. But now I find that I cannot remember my pasword which was sp simple i...
  6. crazy-horse

    Is this a tamers only game now?

    Last Halloween I was killing the holiday demons and drakes pretty regularly, this year I cant fight them at all. Have they been adjusted so only tamers can play the game now? Or am I just having an incredibly long streak of bad luck? Just need to know which so I know where I stand.
  7. crazy-horse

    lag building over time

    The last few days I've been noticing that as I play, over time I start lagging. And the longer I'm on, the more I lag. I can fix it quickly by logging out and back on, lag is gone. but as I play I start lagging a little, then a little more.. and more til I have to relog to fix it again...
  8. crazy-horse

    Weapon naming recipe

    How about a recipe, probably dropped rarely by a boss... where certain craftspersons can place a name on a balued weapon, such as "Slayer of Souls". in order to give the weapon a name, let's say the craftsperson needs to have blacksmithing (to understand the metals involved), inscription (to...
  9. crazy-horse

    WTS 8x10 with personal healer (SOLD)

    For you consideration, an 8x10 on the road outside yew. Permanent healer a screen behind the house. Guardpost across the street. Yew shopping area just a short run to the northwest. The demon statue is there to help you find it fast if you are looking and is NOT included in the price of the...
  10. crazy-horse

    WTS Blank 13x11 plot at corner of desert sold!

    I'm selling my plot at the northeast corner of the desert. Picture shows it as it was but it is now an empty plot to sell. Starting bid 100k buy out 500k but I will be surprised if it gets there (suprise me!) sold if no bids after 24 hours after last bid.
  11. crazy-horse

    WTB Paying 420k for120 lumberjack powerscroll

    I need that 120 lumgerjack scroll and missed the one advertised on a vendor earlier (was actullt lumberjacking and not watching the forum). PM me if you have one to sell.
  12. crazy-horse

    WTB Barnacle Encrusted Ingots (have all I need now)

    I want to buy Barnacle Encrusted Ingots. Please PM me with any offers.
  13. crazy-horse

    WTB Buying 120 Lumberjack scroll.... and pancakes :-)

    I need a 120 Lumberjacking scroll rto complete my lumberjack. Please PM me or reply here..
  14. crazy-horse

    WTS Deviously treasuremaps (SOLD)

    want a few deviouslt t-maps to cure the boredom these hot summer days? I have 47 of them, and a lot more cleverlys if youre not ready for devious yet. not sure what the current prices are so make me an offer one one, a few, a lot or all.
  15. crazy-horse

    WTS Orange Petals - northeast of desert 5000 per stack of 10

    Title says it. Just a few stacks on vendor right now to test need. Plenty more available if needed. stacks of 2 at 1000gp stacks of 10 at 5000 stacks of 20 at (you guessed it) 10,000gp basically 500go each no matter how many.
  16. crazy-horse

    WTS Yet another Noxious Relic

    Noxious Relic... was thinking about starting at 1gp but why waste the time.. starting bid 1 mil gp ends when I say it does (and I say it does if nobody bids for 24 hours) buyout? make me an offer... I promise I will sell it immediately for 1 billion gold.. I PROMISE!!! and may for considerably...
  17. crazy-horse

    Completed Beserker... feel weaker

    Am I missing something? Doing the beserker traininhg, by level 7 I was standing toe to toe with about one out of five paragon demons. Now as of level 9, and still now that I have completed it, regular demons are making me run for my life. Weapon in good shape (fresh repair, slayer). Oh to be...
  18. crazy-horse

    World Firsts

    Is there a place where we can so who has achieved which world first?
  19. crazy-horse

    Have Paragon Demons been buffed?

    It may have been an isolated weird monster demon. But It redlined my health bar on one shout *5* times before its mana pool was low enough to actually start dexxing it. And even then, me stupidly (only 25 int afterall) think I had it... suddenly when near death it was redlining me in one shot...
  20. crazy-horse

    Spawn hijacking?

    Ok, my favorite spawn (right outside my house) has been missing for like 4 hours. I can understand sometimes somebody tangles with something beyond their ability and ends up kiting something away from home, but this is happening every night now. Sometimes I can find it, tonight I can't. Is...