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  1. Goddess Artemis

    UOF Auction House Historical Records

    Hello Auctionees! The records are updated as of Historical Date: 08/24/2021 *** You can search through the entire document by hitting ctrl + f then hitting the 3 dots to the right of the search...
  2. Goddess Artemis

    Normal Dye Tub Color Hue Chart

    Hello everyone! I have been getting many requests to create a Normal Dye Tub Color Hue Chart, so I thought I would post it here! This is a searchable color coded representation of how to find your particular Hue Color number on the dye color selector from the game:
  3. Goddess Artemis

    Belated introduction by Goddess Artemis

    Hello everyone! This is a very belated introduction, for I have been playing on this server for 563 days now handing out thousands of hugs on my many various characters listed here(please enjoy the rhymes): Goddess Artemis - 120 Tamer and hugger extraordinaire! Goddess Tyche - 120 Fisher and...