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  1. BakedDaily

    Would love to play here on phone

    Not hating but currently in overseas no access to a comp.I instead use the play uo on a phone and it works great,The Shard I play I don't have to connect to my comp to play,the DL mul files etc are able to dl and patch comp free.Is this a possibility here??I much rather play here
  2. BakedDaily

    Guide how to play with phone or tablet.

    @Bromista Just curious how this works, would love to know some half ass way.No im not lazy to look it up just wondering your simple set up to maybe grind at work. Thanks sorry for being too lazy to search how to.Edit I don't even know if this is true just curious.Not trying to mention runescape...
  3. BakedDaily

    Happy 4th of July!

    god bless
  4. BakedDaily

    Implemente township?

    I know this has been test been around an or so year.Maybe it will make action more based on city capture. Unlike tje corrupt faction system.At very least order v chaos is fine and causes less head ache.Can you guys start a poll thanks.
  5. BakedDaily

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Shout out to the men whom take care of buisness .
  6. BakedDaily

    WTS Selling Uncut Rock

    Good butter for sale.I got any strains including val vert apg gold cop and dull.Special sell on the drop no break metals.Hit me up.