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  1. halygon

    Congrats on the Loot - Sincerely Haly

    Appreciate it, but you keep it. Probably get used more that way. I'll just bum a couch from @Shane :)
  2. halygon

    Congrats on the Loot - Sincerely Haly

    Oh and respect to whoever placed over my booty island house and then rebuilt their house exactly the same - it's like my house still stands.
  3. halygon

    Congrats on the Loot - Sincerely Haly

    I finally did it, got busy with life and didn't refresh the houses. It made me reflect a bit since I have had those three houses for seven years. Thinking about what I loss in those houses.. it was pretty much everything.. I just never got around to putting it in banks on my various account...
  4. halygon

    Resist Gain Too Slow on pets!!!!

    Welcome to 2014
  5. halygon

    Casually Returning to UOF

    Oh hi @SidX
  6. halygon

    Its Me

  7. halygon

    Getting BODs

    Gotta make it difficult for them scripters on rails.
  8. halygon


    Or is it more like..
  9. halygon


    Hi, never heard of you... who are you again?
  10. halygon

    Archers > Mages > Warriors > Archers > Mages > Warriors

    You are probably doing it wrong. But archery by itself won't win against anyone in pvp - unless you are in a group of archers. Learn the mechanics and adjust your thinking to the shard instead of trying to adjust the shard to your thinking.
  11. halygon

    I'm Batman

  12. halygon

    Archers misses a lot

    Well, its apples and oranges cause: Spells use Mana and Reagents Have a casting time Can be interrupted But to answer your question: Resisting Spells skills can reduce or cause no damage to a target from a spell (so miss) Spells can be fizzled (so miss) Spells can be reflected (so miss)
  13. halygon

    Unmounted perks

    Due to quick dismount/remount, this would only be feasible if there were restrictions on how long before and after fighting you were mounted.
  14. halygon

    Back at it...

    Welcome back!
  15. halygon

    Pet stacking...

    Are these too much of an advantage? Not by itself, but it's like the poison mechanic, you barely change it and suddenly its stupid OP. I don't hate taming, but I did delete my tamer because it bores me.
  16. halygon

    WTS Sell franchise "Egor®" ))))

    I could use a little more egor in my uof life...
  17. halygon

    Makers mark delete deed

    I mean lets be honest, it's because no one can get Gankware clothing anymore... Gankware or nothing! ;)
  18. halygon

    Makers mark delete deed

    From a crafter's point of view I say no. But I will also add, that I'd rather, instead of this suggestion, have a drop down menu option on any crafted item to show or hide the crafter's mark.
  19. halygon

    I had to

    Glad to have you! Welcome to UOF -- Don't forget to check out the Wiki at the top of the page for some good info to get you started.