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  1. AreYouKidden

    How does the defensive wrestling calculation work?

    Ironically it was soon after this I made a group mage, to run with the Trinsic Guard that actually went the route of a heal/alchy mage, for surviving on the run and being able to throw out damage.. With no stun alas.. mage, med, eval, resist, healing, anatomy, alchemy
  2. AreYouKidden

    The Potential of Militias

    Been a while, thought I'd bring this back to life :)
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    WTS One of a kind from Pirate Event!

  4. AreYouKidden

    Halloween 2018 Events.

    to toss severed heads (rare drop) in to get event crystals?
  5. AreYouKidden

    WTS A blood red fishing net

    Very cool item.
  6. AreYouKidden

    WTS Selling 112 Undecoded T-Maps

  7. AreYouKidden

    blood vortex?

    There are 4 total: Shame 5: Ankh 1:
  8. AreYouKidden

    Halloween 2018 Events.

    I do want to follow up that previous message, because while I am sorely disappointed, and needed to get that off my chest, I do feel there have been a lot of great things going on here at UO Forever for the month of October, and just in general! Pumpkin Carving! this is a great idea, as it...
  9. AreYouKidden

    Halloween 2018 Events.

    I have to admit, I am extremely disappointed that the zombielands didn't happen on Saturday as per advertised, and that nothing was said sooner than 5 pm EST that it wouldn't be happening. Most of us sat around waiting, and.. crickets... And sadly, this isn't just a blip on the radar, it's not...
  10. AreYouKidden

    Champion Spawns target?

    I use Get -> Enemy -> Next -> Non-Friendly -> Both -- I'm fairly certain it targets grays and reds, I tend to go after those, but it's just setting a target, you still have to set a macro for attack -> Last Target, in order to attack them, so you can grab bars without flagging on them.
  11. AreYouKidden

    Champion Spawns target?

    You are best to use your hotkeys - Targeting - Get Enemy - one of the ones in thre, I can't remember specifically, tie it to a hotkey and get nearest, so that you can cycle through enemies on the screen till you find the one you are trying to target.
  12. AreYouKidden

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Your not wrong, but I often used relic xp perks, and took advantage of 2x days for casting, so it was actually less.
  13. AreYouKidden

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Don't fight low end mobs, fight high end so they kill your daemon off and you have to cast more often, but I agree entirely. I would have much preferred an active component to leveling it, perhaps if your daemon has gotten into a fight, it starts a 5 min countdown, if you summon a daemon in...
  14. AreYouKidden

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Vivify may be the most aids, but it's honestly not hard, just make 10k summon water ele scrolls, and macro while playing another account. I absolutely hate the mechanics for it, but it really isn't hard... :(
  15. AreYouKidden

    WTS Bag of Slayer Axes

    doh I totally thought I put another bid in *fail* Gratz Ghosty
  16. AreYouKidden

    Monster Contracts

    Ice Fiends, Pyroclasts, Blood Vortex - 3 of my favorite, very very profitable contracts....
  17. AreYouKidden

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Only if you are losing them - and mages use slayer books and pots as well... Armor really less meaningful though.. :)
  18. AreYouKidden

    UOF Housing thread

    Pay rent, similar to how setting up your vendors works, you put gold on him, it depletes weekly, if you don't pay your rent, your house goes IDOC, and you have one week to rectify it. Rent costs are dependent on house size...
  19. AreYouKidden

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    That'll only buy me 12k of each reg, which will only last a week of my gameplay - and after a year of playing when you realize you've spent 5.2 million in reagents you start to realize that's a good chunk of gold you'd like to have back, over 4 years, it's a taming scroll!! :eek: *rerolls a low...
  20. AreYouKidden

    Dungeon Etiquette

    Well said Skrypt