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  1. Lord_Puffy

    WTS Keep

    can u replace a 24x24 or is there blockage? ty
  2. Lord_Puffy

    New Meta Dragon Stage, Relics, Relic Upgrades, RDA and more!

    I also was curious how the rare mongbat form would be treated in this scenario. I hope there is a chance for a rare form at level 8 (Any ideas as to what could be used for the rare form? Suggestions? ). I hope that if you had reached the rare mongbat form, that maybe when you hit 8 with the...
  3. Lord_Puffy

    Infected Wounds Redesign

    Its still like this...
  4. Lord_Puffy

    What's to come...

    its really not that much
  5. Lord_Puffy

    Zomblieland 2018 Reward Atrocity

    whats happening here?! alot of the old faces are just gone it seems. forums are dead.
  6. Lord_Puffy

    Sam_sam consolidate those selling threads!!! PLEASEE

    The whole front page is literally just YOU with 10 different threads selling one item at once. Please consolidate them so people can see other posts besides yours. Thanks
  7. Lord_Puffy

    WTS House Near Skara and Ayslum Spawn (Safe)

    I’m a little confused about the asylum spawnpart of this? Isn’t asylum located in hedge maze under the buildings? I’m not trying to troll at all and wish you well with your sale. I just got back recently and was wondering if maybe they moved asylum?
  8. Lord_Puffy

    WTS Selling The Cannibal Title Only 49K

    GO PATRIOTS!!! Bump for a fellow football fan!
  9. Lord_Puffy

    WTS 10X10 North of Brit on the Mountain near entry to Despise! 350K!

    nice motm spot when ettins come back up gl w sale
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    What about patriot fans? Bump!
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    WTS Dispersion SOLD

    Bump!! Looks as though those pesky recoils are dropping again!!!
  12. Lord_Puffy

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Thanks guy I was just curious but after seeing these pics, I should prob finish the last 2 levels
  13. Lord_Puffy

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Anyone know the max raw numbers from 1-10, I see that its 1.0 - 35.0 for stats and 1.0 - 20.0 for skills, but not sure what it equals out too. @TheFallen @Ariakan99 HELP! haha
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    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    Is there a difference in the demon at level 10 versus level 1?
  16. Lord_Puffy

    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    I agree completely level playing field. And I do know of one instance that ONE player used one of these books to his advantage on multiple events/bosses and it did effect the outcome because 9/10 that player was top score.
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    Vivify revamp (wow great idea cups!)

    How much were these books when they were introduced into the game. And those books work wonders on some of the bosses. Maybe they aren’t thee best for some of the champs, but the mini bosses? They def hold their own in mostly all, if not being top score in the 4 classes of metas. Where are...