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  1. Johuntud

    WTS Lots of COOL stuff (blaze statue/strobe clothing/eggs)

    Blaze Gazer Statue - 1.8m Forever Strobe Blaze Loin Cloth - 14k Dono (save 6k dono) - 3.5m Forever Strobe Blaze Bone Mask - 18k Dono (save 7k dono) - 4.5m Forever Strobe Blaze Staff -25k dono (save 10k dono) - 5.5m Dragon Egg Hue 811 - 1.8 Mill. Dragon Egg Hue 971 - 1.8 Mill...
  2. Johuntud

    WTS All items sold Higgs Sell List 1 - a must see

    2 mill table 3 mill alter
  3. Johuntud

    WTS [Item Bless Deed]

    supporting the servarrrr
  4. Johuntud

    WTS [Item Bless Deed]

    210 tickets.
  5. Johuntud

    WTS [Item Bless Deed]

    SOLD - to a dude who doesn't want to be named i'll let him make the price public if he so desires. I'm sure you will see him around shortly regardless.
  6. Johuntud

    WTS [Item Bless Deed]

    Taking offers on this priceless item. Will consider items and prime real estate as part of trade.
  7. Johuntud

    WTS Double Max on Booty Island! WOW!

    Have to make it 13 by 17 cos OCD
  8. Johuntud

    WTS ***Elite clothes blowout sale***

    Offer 30 mill bone mask.
  9. Johuntud

    WTS WTS - Golden Dragon Figure (auction)

    sold contact pvpeter when u want it :)
  10. Johuntud

    WTS Blood Stained Oars! From Pirate Event

    man lucky me, if u dont wanna sell it for 2 id understand but ill be on all day to pick it up!
  11. Johuntud

    WTS one of a kind coffin