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    WTS Ultra Rare Statues/Deco For Sale!

    B/o meta stone #2
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    WTS Compassion Pillow

    A very nice deco item, that doesn't come up for sale often. Auction ends 24hrs after last bid, or when buyout is met. S/B - 250k B/O - 1 mill Thanks for looking!
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    WTS Paragon Hue Ancient Wyrm statue

    b/o met. thank you for bidding and congrats Ghost- on a sick statue!
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    WTS Paragon Hue Ancient Wyrm statue

    1 mill by Ghost-, via Discord
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    WTS Paragon Hue Ancient Wyrm statue

    700k bid from Ghost- via Discord
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    WTS Paragon Hue Ancient Wyrm statue

    S/B by Ghost- via Discord for 500k
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    WTS Paragon Hue Ancient Wyrm statue

    Auctioning this sweet 1157 hue AW Statue. Bidding starts at 500k , b/o of 1.5, ends 24hrs after last bid. Thanks for looking, good luck!
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    WTS Bloody Battle Chicken

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    WTS Easter Fire Elemental Statue

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    WTS Easter Fire Elemental Statue

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    WTS Easter Fire Elemental Statue

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    WTS Ancient Raptor statue

    Congrats and thank you Tharask! P.M me at your convenience! -G-#4382
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    WTS Ancient Raptor statue

    s/b - 500k b/i - 100k Auction ends 36hrs after last bid. Thank you!
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    WTS Blaze Fire Elemental Statue

    Dylan,Dylan,Dylan. this thing spits hot fire (not really though) it's blaze hue 1161 and a must for that blaze fanatic. you need this.:eek: s/b - 2 mill b/o - 7 mill b/i - 100k Auction ends 48hrs after last bid. Good luck and thank you for bidding!:D
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    WTS WTS Abominable Snowman Statue

    bump for a sick statue!
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    WTS Amazing end of summer sale continues!

    S/b certificate, 200k fallon statues
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    WTS Max Storage with no neighbours? Say no more.

    retracting sb. I won't hand the funds if auction closes, due to prior commitments. awesome location, it will sell easy!
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    WTS Haunted Mirror. Lowered price on colored chests!

    sb dehue ethy deed
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    WTS effigy of an ettin

    1 millz
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    WTB Nox Relic

    PM on here or discord, -G-#4382 Thank you!