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Dec 11, 2017
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PK Palace was formally created on the Sonoma Server in 2001, but has existed as a loose unit of PK's and Thieves from the very early beginnings of Ultima Online.

Originally, it was a small 1 room shack house in mainland Skare Brae that was used by a small group of our original members. Anti-PKs would show up to hunt them circling around the house, and so the house was renamed "The PK Palace"

After that, PK Palace was a Website first on geocities, and then hosted under the deepthought.net server, and then finally we registered the pkpalace.com domain. We had an active message board, posted guides, kill pictures, and talked a whole lot of smack.

Later, we formally dropped a guild stone and did Order/Chaos, Guild Wars, and Factions using the tag PkP.

We aren't accepting any new members - in order to be in this guild you would have to have known us (or known one of us well enough to get a sponsorship) from back on OSI. You will find us stealing from you, murdering you, ganking you, using legal tricks to get you killed by guards - basically any and all means to make your things, our things. That's how we roll.