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Jun 4, 2017
Guild Pages
Live by the Virtues


the Knight's Guild is a Casual Roleplay Guild
RPvE (Roleplayers vs Environment)
RPvM (Roleplayers vs Monsters)
RPvP (Roleplayers vs Players)

See our Guild Forum HERE! and check out our Activity Report posts to see lots of documented Knights in action!

Who We Are:
The Knight's Guild is comprised of iron-clad, realm serving, well-armed lads and lasses who understand that all that separates men is the steel wielded by one of them. We teach players who are new to Roleplay how to behave and to respect the playstyles of fellow roleplayers. Our main goal is to enjoy ourselves.

All levels of Roleplay are welcome. You do not NEED to be new to Roleplay to join us! The more experienced players to help teach, the better!

What We Do:

1. PvM
-a. Dungeon Crawls
-b. Champ Spawns
-c. Treasure Hunting
-d. Fishing Expeditions
-e. Town Invasions
-f. And more...

2. PvP
-a. Jousting Tournaments/Events
-b. Staff Hosted Events
-c. Orc Hunts
-d. Dueling

3. Roleplay (All levels welcome)
-a. Casual RP
-b. Freestyle RP
-c. Hardcore RP
-d. Alliance RP

4. Crafting
-a. Gathering/Harvest Raids
-b. BOD Swaps
-c. Guild Vendor Malls/Shops
-d. Smelt-off's

5. Guard/Patrol
-a. Contract Dungeon Guards
-b. Road Patrolmen
-c. Guard Post Duty
-d. Shrine Duty

6. Quest
-a. Search & Destroy Quests
-b. Recon/Rescue Quests
-c. Guild Event Quests
-d. On-Going Guild-Story Quests

7. Achievements
-a. Guild Ranking Achievements
-b. Character Achievement Nights​

Where We Meet:
We gather at Guild-Hall and Barracks/Outpost locations for quest/event preparations and private meetings, missions, quests and hunts. For casual play, we can be found at one of our various Guild Halls (HQ, Hailstone Castle, the Barracks, Dragon Academy, etc.) or on duty in one of the various dungeons or outposts of the land.

Our HQ/Barracks is located due East of the Orc Caves; find us there but tread cautiously as Orcs are abound!

When We Meet:
Whenever we can! The best method for matching up with your guildmates is to get to know them. We use Disco as our main source of communication and keep in touch regularly in game.

Why Do We Play?:
The same reason we all play video games; to escape reality for a while and have some fun!.. As Roleplayers, however, we are playing for a deeper immersion and experience than the normal 'UO', yet keep it casual and positive in chatrooms outside of the game.

1. Read the rest of the rules.
2. Must wear full Platemail armor (except helmet - keep a helmet in your backpack for ceremonial purposes, however).
-Note: Dragon Helms are reserved to be worn by Dragon Knights only.
3. When custom building Guild-Houses, only use the custom house pieces that look like Small Stone Towers, Towers,Keepsand Castles.
4. Remain in-character (Roleplay) while in game (speak like the NPC's do and like we train you - this is a training guild).
5. Don't be problematic. Players who cause problems are not tolerated. Be respectful and have fun.
6. You must have a name that is RP appropriate.​

To join us, follow the simple instructions below:
1. Join this forum-guild.
2. Read the rules and create a free Disco handle here.
3. Contact one of our Recruitment Officers below:

Disco Recruiters & Officers:
Sir. ( Sir.#1409 )
Garem ( uomo#5552 )
Berethrax ( Experience/Berethrax#7660 )
Scarlet Rose ( Scarlet Seas#9234 )
Sir Reginald ( Sir Reginald#8813 )
Rick Steves ( Rick Steves#1254 )
Alliona ( Alliona/Lelliana#1952 )
Arctium Minus ( Arctium#7558 )
Pentagruel ( Gargantua#1825 )
Talmanes ( Talmanes#9528 )
Talys ( m1splaced#8488 )
Factavi ( Factavi#7389 )

Bored of the modern UO playstyle? Like melee, platemail and swords? Got a desire to roll dice and drink on guard duty? Give us a shot. You don't need to speak eloquently or in old English (though it helps!), just use the emote command by pressing shift+; and you can use descriptions to help you immerse yourself into the world of Britannia!