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Tag Line:
Friends that play together die together
Apr 14, 2018
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Friendly Fire [F*F]
is a reformed guild of a small group of friends. Currently, our guild consist of pks, tamers, crafters and many others. As our guild continues to grow we are looking for Players that will add to our very tight and friendly community where everybody helps each other!
We encourage fair play.

Friendly Fire [F*F] mission is to form a tight community of people from all aspects of the game such as:

2. Dungeon Crawls
3. Champ Spawns
4. Treasure Hunting
5. Fishing Expeditions
6. RDA
7. Pvp

To join us, follow the simple instructions below:
1. Join this forum-guild:
2. Read the rules and create a free account:

https://discordapp.com/invite/0gx9v44nsoT5xr1vrever.com handle here.
3. Contact one of our Recruitment Officers below: