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Casual, lite rp, city-based guild
Jun 5, 2017
Skye Wolfbane
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The Free City of Trinsic (Trin) is a community-minded, relaxed, casual RP guild where all types are welcome. It is a city guild, so we represent anyone who may live in a town, crafters, beggars, bards, warriors, good or bad or somewhere in the middle.
We encourage role playing and are more than willing to help teach RPing to those new to it or who may have an interest in seeing what it's about. It is not mandatory, however.
We have a Guard that patrols the city and engages murderers and thieves to rid the city — and the world — of these villains. We have a group of pirates called RedRum who enjoy seafaring adventures.
The Free City of Trinsic will be a good place for new people to the server to meet others and be a part of an active alliance.
Contact @Skye Wolfbane on the forums or Skye/Lynni in the UOF http://discord.uoforever.com channel.