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  1. ParkJongKyu
  2. ParkJongKyu
  3. GoDDDspeeD
    GoDDDspeeD Itsfreerealestate
    How much I’d love to buy
  4. Nym
    Porpoise is cute, porpoise is sweet. If porpoise could walk then it would has feet.
  5. feminist
    feminist Ballz Deep
    I actually never made a starting bid. I made you an offer due to the fact it had gone for a week with no bids and said i would pay it then, not bid and wait 48 hours. It was an urgent need and I thought you should be flexible due to the fact it had no activity and I didn’t lowball you with an offer under the s/b. I never “BID”. I made an offer and your response showed you did not accept my offer.
  6. Franco Harris
    Franco Harris
    ill do 75 k for each
  7. Anon
    Anon Franco Harris
    Looks like fire flies and poinsettia go for 75-150k per and golden skull of horror at 400k. Msg me on forums as I cannot PM you.
  8. Franco Harris
    Franco Harris Anon
    hey im ineterested ina a few items
    can i get price on fire flies statue of oaks gold skull and white flowers
  9. deaconwolf
    I can't seem to get steam and uof allow the vendor sell option. Is it disabled or am I just not set up right.
  10. White Wyrm
    White Wyrm King Dingaling
    Now ill writing in trade:) nik Xaka
  11. Multani
    Multani SidX
    Hey Sid I tried looking you up the other day on http://discord.uoforever.com to reach you but i am interested in renting a vendor in your shop, My name in game is Multani and my http://discord.uoforever.com itself is Apache#6915 , thank you in advance and hope to talk to you soon!
  12. Popcanc
    MY great uncle found the cure for TB.
  13. Popcanc
    Did I ever tell you my great uncle found the cure for TB and won noble peace prize. True story, swear to god.
  14. White Wyrm
    White Wyrm Duck Face
    Hi, how much ettin and terra robe?
  15. Soundafex
    Soundafex Sandman
  16. Ms BabyDoll
    Ms BabyDoll
    Always playing UOF
  17. Arthrn
  18. Grex the Goblin
    Grex the Goblin
    Stealin' chillin' doing the goblin thing.
  19. Azoth
    Azoth El Ahrairah
    Hi! Remember me? :)
  20. BananaKill
    BananaKill the flube
    u got booger egg?
    1. the flube
      the flube
      Jun 11, 2018